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Contradictory by uncacti


by safarielle
"   She looked like, if you bit her, milk and honey would flow from her.   "
-Franz Kline (via liquidlightandrunningtrees)

The in between child
You were once the beautiful
But are now threatened to be the
You have caskets in your mouth
That chain your secrets to your tongue.
You have swallowed yourself whole
And your lungs are a void,
Desired and dangerous
You swim away from shore.

O in between child
You scream for the night
And paw at the moon.
Tied to stone and given a shovel
Would you dare dig your own grave?

Sweet in between child
What have you done that is so wrong?
Whose validation do you seek?
Why are you not quite human?
So dark and depressed
Your thoughts not quite your thoughts
And your hands not quite your hands
You seek revenge on yourself.

Dying in between child
You have crawled beneath your ground and your brain
You are in ruins
Dust in the wind
You smell of the ocean
Waves pound through your skull.
You are ravenous and sad as death
But love runs through you
It electrocutes your brain
And makes you vomit.
You wish you were the devil
And in some ways your are
My milk and cream,
You are made of silk.
But you have holes in your skin
And that is how the darkness gets in.
You understand the universe on some nights
And you have arrived at the gates of heaven or hell
But they’re both the same to you.
You cried for your youth
And cringed at the bold
Yawning at trees and scraped knees
Because what you wanted was love
Rather than ice
In your veins.
Immortal, you ride on the carousel for eternity
Counting the seconds down to when you will be sane at last.

My in between child
You may never know who you must be
But you can be all
You can be all.


'In Between Child' 

- Noyona (inahdequacy)